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What are the specifications for the operation of multi-purpose furnace production line

2020-02-22 14:25:11

What are the specifications for the operation of multi-purpose furnace production line? The following multi-purpose furnace manufacturers will introduce to you

Start up operation:

Before each start-up of the equipment, all components must be thoroughly inspected, the damage of structural components will lead to operation failure major damage.

Get ready:

-The furnace door must be open;

-Install the removed red elbow;

-Check the reserves of process medium;

-Check the nitrogen storage;

Annular furnace

Start up:

1. Turn on the power.

2. Turn on "control voltage on" "inverter power on".

3. After the system is started, turn on the rear chamber fan, turn the oil mixer to automatic, turn the front chamber fan to automatic, start the oil cooling pump.

4. Comprehensively check whether all mechanical actions (operation of lifting platform, middle door push zipper; operation stability noise of circulating fan oil mixing) are normal, handle abnormal conditions in time, ensure normal operation of equipment.

5. Turn on "heating control on", start the chamber temperature control, heat up according to the heating curve of multi-purpose furnace.

6. Start the oil tank heating, check whether the quenching oil level reaches the standard oil level after the oil temperature reaches the set value. If the oil level is too low, add the quenching oil in time to make the oil level reach the required height.

Note: the quenching oil level shall be subject to slow mixing of oil mixer.

7. At the same time, check whether the air supply pressure of the gas distribution system is normal to ensure the normal air supply of the equipment. After 400 ℃, a small amount of nitrogen shall be introduced to protect the components in the back chamber furnace.

8. Open the shut-off valve of the exhaust gas burner, press the "exhaust gas ignition" button to ignite the exhaust gas burner, check whether the burner works stably, open the shut-off valve of the fire curtain of the front door, press the red indicator light on the flame controller, close the front door after the fire curtain burns, open the front door again after the air exchange of the front room is completed, observe whether the interlock of the fire curtain the front door is normal, whether the high-pressure nitrogen charging of the front room works normally, whether the front door Whether the room air change time is correctly executed. At the same time of closing the front door, check whether the furnace pressure is normal. Generally, the nitrogen flow of about 3m3 / h should be able to reach the furnace pressure of about 240pa.


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