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Dafeng baisde Technology Development Co., Ltd., as a domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturer with high starting point, high quality  high configuration, has a group of high-quality design, production, management  service talents, most of whom have worked in the industry for many years  accumulated rich professional knowledge  experience.

Enterprise service:

Enterprise: the God of the enterprise is the user, the core of the enterprise is the product  service,  the owner of the enterprise is all the employees.

Customers: there are five types of customers: existing customers, former customers, competitors' customers, customers using alternative products,  future customers. Among these five types of customers, existing customers are very important, because developing a new customer costs several times the cost  time to retain an old customer. No matter for new customers  old customers, only by meeting their requirements can they attract Take them.

Management: if I am favorable, if the customer is  profitable, then the customer will  exist; if I am profitable, then the customer will  be long; if I am equally profitable, then the customer will remain for a long time, then I will be profitable for a long time.

Quality: care about customers, know what they need,  make more than expected things, is the real quality.

Delivery time: before the customer decides to place an order, they take up our time. Once the transaction is concluded, we take up their time, so we need to deliver the goods on time, otherwise it will harm the interests of the customer. At the same time, we work around the requirements of the customer, trying to solve the customer's problems in a short time, so that the waiting time of the customer is zero.

BSD technology adheres to the service concept of "all for customers, create customer value", the principle of customer demand as the center,  the goal of "quick response, zero defect return visit" to achieve satisfaction.

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Workshop pictures     Workshop pictures

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