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What is a multi-purpose stove?

2019-05-22 11:40:47

Multi purpose furnace refers to the continuous production of thermal equipment with multi-layer furnace bed, also known as rake furnace multi chamber furnace. It is used to burn municipal waste, non-ferrous metal ore powder, light burned magnesium hydroxide filter cake natural magnesite ore powder, etc. Because of its complex structure, difficult maintenance low thermal efficiency, it has been gradually replaced by suspension furnace boiling furnace in the production of magnesia refractories.

Working principle of multi-purpose furnace heat treatment: the furnace body is provided with multi-layer furnace bed, which is divided into drying, preheating, baking cooling belts top to bottom. The vertical shaft in the furnace center drives the rake arm rake teeth of each layer of furnace bed to rotate. The materials are added the charging holes around the top of the furnace. The discharge ports of odd number furnace beds are in the center, several discharge ports of even number furnace beds are evenly arranged around. Due to the different orientation of odd even number of hearth rake teeth, under the action of turning pushing of rake teeth, the material falls top to bottom in "s" shape layer by layer, meets with the hot flue gas the combustion chamber to conduct heat exchange.

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Multi purpose furnace production line consists of cylindrical furnace body, hollow shaft transmission device, rake arm teeth, feeding discharging device, flue gas purification device back burning device.

The vacuum multi-purpose furnace uses the characteristics of low boiling point of water under low pressure to rapidly heat the heat medium water filled in the sealed furnace body. The heat medium water boils evaporates the high-temperature water vapor, the water vapor condenses on the heat exchange tube to heat the cold water in the heat exchange tube, so as to supply hot water.

(1) Vacuum negative pressure operation, no explosion, excellent safety.

(2) The successful separation of high temperature zone high pressure zone of the stressed steel plate can prolong the service life by 2-3 times, the design service life can reach 30 years.

(3) The overall design is scientific, reasonable compact, saving 50-70% of the floor area.

(4) When heat exchange is carried out in the body, the efficiency of the whole machine is over 91%, 70-80 ℃ hot water can be provided within 2-3 minutes after start-up, which greatly shortens the preheating period reduces energy waste.

(5) Fully automatic control, intelligent, unmanned operation remote network control.

(6) Built in stainless steel heat exchanger, no pollution to water quality.

(7) Compared with indirect heating (boiler + external heat exchanger + circulating water pump + material + installation cost), the installation cost is saved by more than 30-40%.

(8) With high efficiency, fast heating good heat exchange, the fuel cost can be saved by more than 20-30%.

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