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Preparation maintenance of tempering furnace before opening

2019-05-22 11:40:47

The multi-purpose furnace heat treatment manufacturer introduces the preparation maintenance of the tempering furnace before opening

1. Check whether there are dangerous things in the electrical control box furnace that can cause power leakage, take them out. After closing, check whether the electrical appliances instruments in the control box work normally, turn on the instrument switch to make it in working state.

2. Open production of tempering furnace

(1) Set the temperature of the automatic temperature control instrument according to the process requirements.

(2) Put the "handle" of the control cabinet in the position of automatic control, start the fan heat up the power supply.

(3) When the temperature is raised in the cold furnace, the workpiece can be loaded after holding for 2h (continuous production, continuous charging is allowed).

(4) After the fan stops rotating, use the hand pump open the valve switch of the hydraulic pipeline of the pump, pull the pneumatic switch to lift the furnace cover.

(5) Use the crane to carefully install the loading basket other clamps on the center line of the furnace, pay attention that the installed parts do collide with the fan.

(6) Close the furnace cover so that the edge of the furnace cover coincides with the groove of the graphite wire rod to keep the level of the furnace cover.

(7) Operate according to the process regulations.

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3. Precautions maintenance of tempering furnace

(1) The furnace temperature shall exceed 650 ℃.

(2) The loading parts shall be higher than the upper end of the loading basket.

(3) Do put wet parts greasy parts into the furnace.

(4) Do allow the fan to stop rotating continue to power up heating in case of abnormal sound.

(5) Clean the furnace once a month to remove oxide skin other dirt.

(6) It is allowed to open the furnace cover for intense cooling when the furnace temperature is higher than 400 ℃.

(7) Check the fastening condition of the bolts on the contact clamp every month, remove the oxide skin in time to avoid poor contact.

(8) Check calibrate the temperature control meter thermocouple every month.

(9) Lubricate the lifting mechanism of furnace cover fan bearing every month.

The above is a multi-purpose furnace manufacturers to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.


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