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The multi-purpose furnace heat treatment equipment has supported half of the country

2019-05-22 11:40:47

The multi-purpose furnace heat treatment equipment has many advantages, such as fast heating speed, energy saving, no oxidation decarbonization, no pollution to the environment high production efficiency, which are widely recognized by heat treatment workers. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in recent ten years. Of course, this actual demand also greatly promotes the development technical upgrading of domestic induction heat treatment equipment.

Controlled atmosphere furnace vacuum furnace are less than 5% of heat treatment equipment in total. Some equipment with high labor intensity, serious pollution high energy consumption still account for a lot of equipment. The energy source of industrial production of heat treatment equipment is mainly coal oil. The expansion of industrial production scale in the global scope makes the energy crisis more more serious, resulting in the sharp rise of energy price, which is beyond the tolerance of all countries. At the same time, industrial production will inevitably lead to the deterioration of environmental pollution, the consequences caused by the discharge of industrial waste are affecting It is the normal production life of human beings. In order to alleviate the above problems, all countries are committed to the development application of new alternative energy materials. At present, the widely recognized new alternative energy is non biological energy. The cost of biological energy is low, raw materials are everywhere, which is the choice of energy-saving industrial furnaces.

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The reliability of heat treatment equipment process depends on the reliability of mechanical action, electrical components, instruments, sensors the whole system. This problem has always been a bottleneck to the development of heat treatment technology equipment in China. Now, the control components their control systems have been greatly developed, the market supply technical services are more more convenient. High quality products can be purchased at home abroad. At the same time, domestic products have made considerable progress. Users can choose the grade of products according to the actual demand. Since the quenching machine tool began to enter the Chinese market, according to the current domestic economic conditions, transportation, market fields opportunities, the authoritative figures in the field of heat treatment in China have made a comprehensive analysis explained that: in the current situation, the development of domestic mold heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry has shown obvious differences between inland coastal areas, especially in the past few years, the world's economic technological development has been greatly improved Under the influence of the economic crisis, many mold manufacturing industries have been quietly upgrading transforming, during this period of time, there are great regional differences.

The improvement of product quality production process of heat treatment equipment involves the improvement of quality, reliability control technology of heat treatment equipment as well as the improvement of quality reproducibility product performance of heat treatment products. The realization of high requirements of heat treatment equipment is an important prerequisite for the quality dispersion of heat treatment products, such as performance, deformation so on, to approach zero.

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