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Dafeng baisde Technology Development Co., Ltd

Dafeng baisde Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Dafeng Industrial Park, Changzhou high tech Zone. The company is close to Dafeng export of Coastal Expressway with convenient transportation.

Dafeng baiside Technology Development Co., Ltd., as a domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturer with high starting point, high quality  high configuration, has a group of high-quality design, production, management  service talents, most of whom have worked in the industry for many years  accumulated rich professional knowledge  experience. The company is constantly introducing  absorbing domestic  foreign technical basis,  has been committed to the development  creation of excellent performance, green  reliable heat treatment equipment.

With professional heat treatment technology  modular design, combined configuration scheme  flexible application features, BSD Technology Development Co., Ltd. is willing to provide you with perfect solutions with its own application technology  concept.

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