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Waste heat utilization of multi-purpose furnace heat treatment waste gas combustion

2020-02-22 14:25:50

The function of the exhaust gas emission device is to exhaust the exhaust gas replaced by the new atmosphere in the furnace, the function of the ignition burner is to fully burn the exhaust gas (mainly CO + H2) to generate CO2 + H2O, so as to prevent air pollution combustion explosion hazard. Although this technology solves the problem of pollution emission, few enterprises can use the heat of long-term combustion waste gas effectively, directly discharge it into the atmosphere, forming a waste of energy.

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It is estimated that the annual waste gas combustion heat of each furnace is equivalent to the heat generated by the combustion of 6T standard coal. If all multi-purpose furnace manufacturers can make full use of the waste gas combustion energy, at least 6000t standard coal can be saved each year in China, the emission of CO2, SO2 NOx can be reduced by about 15000t, 50t 40t respectively.

The renewal of equipment process in China's heat treatment industry for 10 years has basically ended, the new heat treatment revolution has begun. This is how to reduce the cost of equipment use, reduce energy consumption emissions, reduce environmental pollution.


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