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Typical use cases of electric heater of multi-purpose furnace

2020-01-04 14:09:59

The following multi-purpose furnace manufacturers will introduce the typical use cases of multi-purpose furnace electric heater

The explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of equipment which is used in the explosion-proof situation to convert electric power into heat energy. It is used for heating, heat preservation heating of liquid, gas solid media that move stop.

Multi purpose furnace production line

Working principle of heat treatment in multi-purpose furnace

The fluid explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of heat energy which is used to heat the materials to be heated. In operation, the low-temperature fluid medium enters into its inlet under the pressure effect through the pipeline, along the specific heat exchange channel inside the electric heating vessel, the high-temperature heat energy generated in the operation of the electric heating element is taken away by the way described by the principle of fluid thermodynamics, so that the temperature of the heated medium increases, the high-temperature medium required by the technology is obtained at the outlet of the electric heater. The internal control system of the electric heater actively regulates the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the output port, so as to make the medium temperature of the output port uniform; when the heating element is over temperature, the independent overheat protection device of the heating element immediately blocks the heating power supply, so as to prevent the coking, metamorphosis carbonization caused by the over temperature of the heating material; when it is severe, the heating element is burnt out, the extended electricity is useful Heater service life.

Scale of use

Typical applications of explosion-proof fluid electric heater are as follows:

1. Chemical materials in chemical industry are heated up, some powders are dry under certain pressure, chemical process eruption are dry.

2. Hydrocarbon heating, including crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat transfer oil, lubricating oil, paraffin, etc

3. Technical water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water gas other fluids that need to be heated.

4. Because of the leading explosion-proof layout, the equipment can be widely used in chemical, military, oil, natural gas, offshore channels, ships, mining areas other places requiring explosion-proof.

The above is the multi-purpose furnace production line to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.


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