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What is the operation process of multi purpose nitriding furnace

2020-01-04 14:09:16

What is the operation process of multi purpose nitriding furnace

The price of nitriding furnace is uneven affected by the operation process. Next, the manufacturer of multi-purpose furnace production line will show you the operation process of nitriding multi-purpose furnace. Nitriding furnace has the characteristics of low treatment temperature, short treatment time small workpiece deformation. Its properties are high fatigue limit good wear resistance.

Multi purpose furnace production line

1. The gas nitriding furnace before nitriding shall be the workpieces that have been normalized tempered first.

2. First scrub the surface of the workpiece of the gas nitriding furnace with gasoline alcohol, there shall be no rust spot, oil stain dirt.

3. After being installed in the furnace, tighten the furnace cover pressing bolts symmetrically.

4. Connect the water inlet of furnace tank furnace cover with cooling water for circulating water cooling. The lower end of the cooling water of the pipe on the gas nitriding furnace cover is water inlet, the upper end is water outlet, the furnace tank is separately water inlet separately drained, all water pipes of the gas nitriding furnace cover can be connected in series according to the principle of low water inlet high water outlet, one water inlet one water outlet are used for drainage.

5. Before heating up the gas nitriding furnace, nitrogen shall be sent for exhaust, the flow shall be more than twice as large as that in use. After exhausting for 10 minutes, set the temperature control instrument to 150 ℃, turn the automatic heating switch to on, heat the exhaust side of the gas nitriding furnace to 150 ℃ keep exhausting for 2 hours, then set the temperature control instrument to 530 ℃, reduce the ammonia flow rate, keep the positive pressure in the furnace, there is a smaller pressure at the exhaust port flowing upward. When the furnace temperature rises to 530 ℃, nitriding at constant temperature constant flow for 3-20 hours, then increase the ammonia pressure, Let the exhaust gas maintain a moderate pressure, nitriding for 4-70h, then reduce the ammonia pressure, denitrification for 1-2h, cut off the power supply, give a small amount of ammonia.

The above is the multi-purpose furnace heat treatment to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.


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