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How to manage well in heat treatment production of multi-purpose furnace

2020-02-22 14:33:44

The Research Institute of ion nitriding furnace introduces that heat treatment is an important part of the mechanical processing industry, its processing methods mainly include two different types of production forms with different scales in the industry, one is single piece small batch production, the other is multi batch multi batch mode. In recent years, with the development of the machinery industry, the heat treatment industry has developed rapidly, but the technical level management mode can be standardized, good economic social benefits can be obtained. As an enterprise to develop improve economic benefits, it is necessary to analyze the possible problems in heat treatment production in a broad sense on the premise of improving quality reducing cost, put forward solutions to the possible problems in the early stage. Through lean management, optimize the process process, standardize the operation process. After all, the quality of heat treatment is produced rather than inspected To win the trust of more customers, more orders can better reduce the production cost of heat treatment.

Well type furnace

"5W" is required before heat treatment of multi-purpose furnace

Now in the production process of product orders in the processing industry, large-scale purchasers have supplier development management assessment, which requires on-site assessment review to make the heat treatment production traceable. The quality of parts in the heat treatment industry has its particularity. The quality of parts can only be inspected tested in use when the metallographic test is damaged. After that, the products should be qualified aging. Therefore, the multi-purpose furnace manufacturers feel that the center of gravity of heat treatment management control should move forward backward. Before heat treatment, "5W" is required. Any workpiece entering the heat treatment process should understand clearly:

1W: what is the material of the workpiece, what kind of heat treatment is to be carried out, what are the technical requirements.

2W: what will the artifacts be used, what is the working environment, what is the technical requirements, actively participate in customer product development technical cooperation projects when possible.

3W: what process has been done before the workpiece enters the heat treatment process.

4W: when is the delivery time? After all, it should be planned in the supply chain process.

5W: what process control should be paid attention to during heat treatment of workpieces.

Refining the heat treatment process of multi-purpose furnace

The heat treatment process should be analyzed in detail so as to better control its process nodes make products trusted by customers. Process refinement is node control, which is nothing more than the five factors we often say, namely, human, machine, material, method environment.


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