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Protection knowledge of heat treatment furnace of multi-purpose nitriding furnace

2020-01-04 14:11:28

Safety protection knowledge of heat treatment furnace of multi-purpose nitriding furnace

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The commonly used heat treatment furnaces are resistance furnace, gas furnace oil furnace. the perspective of labor safety health. The resistance furnace is easy to control the sanitary conditions are relatively good.

1. In order to prevent thermal radiation, the furnace wall shall be added with thermal insulation materials, such as asbestos, diatomite, slag cotton, expanded perlite, etc.; the baffle plate with circulating cooling water, door, etc., air curtain screen, etc. shall be used at the furnace door.

2. The nozzles of gas liquid fuel furnaces shall be arranged on the side wall of the furnace, on the back wall of the furnace opposite to the furnace door, so as to avoid burning the workers when the furnace door is opened. Since manual ignition is safe, spark ignition device shall be used as far as possible.

3. The oil tank of the oil furnace is allowed to be set on the top of the furnace. Exhaust device air valve shall be set at the fork of the pipeline system.

4. The gas pipeline flue of the furnace shall be arranged in a cross way, in which a safety valve shall be installed to reduce the pressure in the pipeline in case of explosion.

5. The electric furnace must be well insulated.

6. When the salt bath furnace is heated, it can volatilize the steam harmful to human health, so it must be equipped with an exhaust device.

7. All kinds of heat treatment furnaces should be equipped with automatic temperature control device, which only can meet the requirements of heat treatment process, but also is conducive to safe production improvement of working conditions. The furnace temperature automatic control system is various, which can be selected according to the furnace type process requirements.

8、 For the sake of safety, the door cover of various heat treatment furnaces are generally equipped with interlocking devices.

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