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What are the common multi-purpose furnaces

2020-01-04 14:10:43

The box type multi-purpose furnace production line is mainly used for gas carburizing direct quenching of workpieces, gas carburizing quenching with intermediate cooling, gas cooling under gas carburizing protection, re carburizing, carbonitriding quenching, nitrocarburizing (soft nitriding), isothermal quenching, bright normalizing, bright annealing, brazing sintering.

Multi purpose furnace production line

Working mode of box type multi-purpose furnace

The workpiece is prepared on the material table, then sent to the degreasing furnace for preheating through the loading unloading trolley, then to the multi-purpose sealed box furnace to complete the carburizing quenching process. Clean the washing machine send it back to the furnace to complete the tempering process.

Composition of box type multi-purpose furnace

The production line of box type multi-purpose furnace consists of multi-purpose sealed box furnace, tempering furnace, degreasing furnace, cleaning machine, loading unloading trolley, material preparation platform, etc. it can be arranged in different combinations according to the user's requirements to form a flexible adaptable flexible heat treatment production line.

If the metallographic level of the products of 2-3 furnaces is a little higher than the technical requirements, you can open the front door the middle door, put air into the furnace for burning, close the door for 5-10 minutes to see if the furnace temperature is higher than your set temperature, the higher the carbon deposition is, the more serious it is, then burn it, until the temperature the set value are less than 10 ℃, close the door to keep carbon then work. When replacing the oxygen probe, the carbon can be determined once. In other times, it is unnecessary to directly look at the product metallography. Once there is a little difference in the metallography, pay attention to tracking observation timely adjustment. As long as you grasp the metallographic structure of the product, you will master the lifeblood of product quality.

The furnace body is provided with multi-layer furnace bed, which is divided into drying, preheating, baking cooling zones top to bottom. The vertical shaft in the furnace center drives the rake arm rake teeth of each layer of furnace bed to rotate. The materials are added the charging holes around the top of the furnace. The discharge ports of odd number furnace beds are in the center, several discharge ports of even number furnace beds are evenly arranged around. Due to the different orientation of odd even number of hearth rake teeth, under the action of turning pushing of rake teeth, the material falls top to bottom in "s" shape layer by layer, meets with the hot flue gas the combustion chamber to conduct heat exchange.

The commonly used multi-purpose furnace heat treatment includes resistance furnace, gas furnace oil furnace. Heat treatment manufacturers the point of view of labor safety health. The resistance furnace is easy to control the sanitary conditions are relatively good.

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