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The cause of abnormal carbon potential control in multi-purpose furnace

2020-01-04 14:07:27

The multi-purpose furnace is mainly used for the carburizing quenching process of products. The production process is the automatic production of the equipment according to the procedure after the preparation of the process procedure. The temperature can be measured directly by the thermocouple, while the carbon potential of the atmosphere can be measured directly. The measured value is a number of parameters obtained through calculation. The change of parameters may lead to a large deviation between the measured value of carbon potential the real value, then lead to the loss of carbon potential in the furnace Control, serious threat to product quality.

Generally, the atmosphere of gas carburizing is mainly composed of n2coh2 contains trace co2h2oo2ch4. These gases react with steel carbides at high temperature, some chemical reactions will take place among various gases. It can be imagined that the reaction must be very complex, it needs specific analysis to control the atmosphere

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If the multi-purpose furnace heat treatment uses any process of carburizing, the carbon potential is very high the metallographic structure, such as 920 ° 180 minutes 1.05 carbon potential strong carburizing, 80 minutes 0.85 carbon potential diffusion, 840 ° 30 minutes quenching, the carbide is grade 6, the furnace burns carbon four times a week, there is no obvious effect, the cleaning burning of oxygen carbon head does solve the problem.

What is the core reason?

After using the analyzer for auxiliary measurement, three possibilities are analyzed:

1. Oxygen probe cycle has reached.

2. If the oxygen probe is normal, the co setting value shall be adjusted to the range required by the process parameters.

3. Check the rich gas, the flow shall exceed the specified range.

4. Adjust the setting value of CO to make the actual carbon potential value in the furnace consistent with the instrument display value

Conclusion in the production, it is necessary to measure the actual value of carbon potential of the equipment atmosphere irregularly according to the product quality adjust the setting of carbon control instrument based on it, so that the calculated value of the instrument can truly reflect the actual value of carbon potential of the atmosphere.

When the instrument calculates the carbon potential value, it is assumed that the CO concentration in the atmosphere is constant. However, the CO concentration in the equipment atmosphere is always a fixed value. When judging the CO concentration in the equipment atmosphere fluctuates, it is necessary to have a more accurate judgment on the carbon potential value of the atmosphere, rather than blindly believing the calculated value of the instrument, otherwise the product quality in the furnace may be endangered.


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