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Strong jet machine
Strong jet machine

Strong jet machine

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  • Release date:2020-03-27
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Detailed introduction:

Strong jet machine

Turning table shot peening machine

Best technology strong spray machine is mainly used for shot peening of gear shaft parts. It is a shot peening strengthening standard machine specially developed for the transmission gear of Beste technology company.

The diameter of shot peened parts is 200mm, the height of parts is 500mm, the stroke of shot peening is 400mm.

The strong spray machine produced by our company has the following technologies:

1) The large flow elevator recovery system is adopted to meet the recovery capacity of 10 spray guns.

2) Compact design, small footprint.

3) The control system is adopted, which conforms to saeams2430 standard.

4) The continuous shot peening can be realized by adopting the double tank shot peening system.

5) The secondary filtration technology is adopted, the dust emission is less than 5mg / m3.6) the energy-saving design is adopted, the total installed power is only about 6kW.



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