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Fume purification equipment
Fume purification equipment

Fume purification equipment

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  • Release date:2020-03-27
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Fume purification equipment

Fume purification equipment


Dust removal principle

The oil smoke cleaning equipment is designed according to the Venturi principle. The gas carrying harmful objects enters the dust remover (2) tangential through the venturi spray area (1), the air flow accelerates in the former venturi spray area (1), then the washing water is sprayed into a fine water curtain shape. The relatively high-speed rotation of the air flow the washing water causes the medium carrying harmful objects to mix closely with the water curtain, then the water the air flow are separated in the dust remover (2). The separated air flow is discharged into the circulating water tank (5) with automatic mud scraper at the bottom by the drainage pipe (8), the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere through the fan (3). The sludge accumulated in the circulating water tank shall be removed by manual cleaning, the cleaned sludge shall be collected by the collection tank (4).


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