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Wet deduster
Wet deduster

Wet deduster

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  • Release date:2020-03-27
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Detailed introduction:

Wet deduster

1216 high end shot blasting machine

Overview of system structure diagram of wet precipitator

1. Venturi spray area

2. Dust collector

3. Fan

4. Sludge collection tank

5. Circulating water tank (including oil-water separator)

6. Water pump (submerged pump)

7. Water regulating valve

8. Outlet pipe

9. Float switch

10. New water make-up interface

Structure diagram of wet deduster system

Working principle of dust removal:

Vt type wet separator is designed according to Venturi principle. The gas carrying harmful objects enters the dust remover (2) tangential through the venturi spray area (1), the air flow accelerates in the former venturi spray area (1), then the washing water is sprayed into a fine water curtain shape. The relatively high-speed rotation of the air flow the washing water causes the medium carrying harmful objects to mix closely with the water curtain, then the water the air flow are separated in the dust remover (2). The separated air flow is discharged into the circulating water tank (5) with automatic mud scraper at the bottom by the drainage pipe (8), the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere through the fan (3). There are many ways to deal with the sludge accumulated in the circulating water tank. If the automatic mud scraper is selected, the dust sludge the side shall be collected by a small cart (4). hand cleaning.

The venturi spray area can be adjusted by a valve (7). The water supply is conducted by a submerged pump set on the circulating water tank. If the valve (7) is opened too large, the dust removal effect is poor, the air volume is reduced, the valve is adjusted small, the dust removal effect is poor, the air volume is increased, the dehydration is complete. The valve needs to be adjusted according to the rated air volume, rather than can be adjusted at will.

The liquid level sensor (9) in the circulating water tank can automatically adjust the water level according to the water level, the user needs to connect the new water to the water make-up interface (10) so as to make-up water automatically when the water level is too low.



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